ValveSeal Globe Valves TF-GV and Bellows Valves TF-BGLV are used for the regulation and sectioning of flows in all types of industrial facilities. Its configuration allows working with aggressive fluids in the most demanding service conditions.


Globe Valve for HVAC Valveseal TF-GLV-F PN16. Flanged DIN PN10/16.

Data Sheet TF-GLV-F (HVAC)

VGlobo GG25 PN16 Vapor
Globe Valve for Steam Valveseal TF-GLV-F PN16. Flanged DIN PN10/16.

Data Sheet TF-GLV-F (Steam)


Stainless Steel Globe Valve Valveseal TF-GLV-SS-F PN16. Flanged DIN PN10/16.

Data Sheet TF-GLV-SS-F


Stainless Steel Globe Valve Valveseal TF-GLV-SS-T PN16. Screwed Ends BSP.

Data Sheet TF-GLV-SS-T

Globe Valve TECFLOW TF-GLV-CI-F Bronce Seats. PN16. Flanged DIN PN10/16.

Data Sheet TF-GLV-CI-F

Data Sheet SDNR Type

VGlobo WCB PN40
C.Steel Globe Valve Valveseal TF-GLV-CS-F40 PN40. Flanged DIN PN40.

Data Sheet TF-GLV-CS-F40

VGlobo WCB 150Lbs

C.Steel Globe Valve Valveseal TF-GLV-CS-F150 PN20. Flanged ANSI 150 Lbs.

Data SheetTF-GLV-CS-F150

VGlobo WCB 300Lbs
C.Steel Globe Valve Valveseal TF-GLV-CS-F300 PN50. Flanged ANSI 300 Lbs.

Data Sheet TF-GLV-CS-F300

VFuelle Acero PN16-40
C.Steel Bellow Valve Valveseal TF-BGLV-CS-F. PN16/40. Flanged DIN PN16/40.

Data Sheet TF-BGLV-CS-F

V Fuelle GJL250 PN16
Cast Iron GJL250 Bellow Valve Valveseal TF-BGLV-CI-F. PN16. Flanged DIN PN16.

Data Sheet TF-BGLV-CI-F

V Fuelle Acero Rosca-sw
C.Steel Bellow Valve Valveseal TF-BGLV-T. 600 Lbs. Screwed Ends BSP/NPT & Weld Ends SW.

Data Sheet TF-BGLV-T

Globo Forjada
Forged Steel Globe Valve Valveseal TF-GLV-800-T 800 Lbs. Screwed Ends BSP / NPT & Weld Ends SW.

Data Sheet TF-GLV800-T

Globo Forjada INOX
Stainless Steel Globe Valve  Valveseal TF-GLV800-SS-T. 800 Lbs. Screwed Ends NPT & Weld Ends SW.

Data Sheet TF-GLV800-SS-T