TecFlow Y-Strainers TF-YS-F allow efficient retention and filtration of the elements in suspension of the fluid.

Y-strainer GGG PN16

TECFLOW Y-Strainer

TF-YS-F. PN-16. Flanged DIN PN-10/16.

Made in Cast Iron GJL-250 & Ductile Iron GJS-500.

Data Sheet TF-YS-DI-F

Filtro Y Acero Bridas PN16-40

ValveSeal Y-Strainer

TF-YS-CS-F. PN-16/40. Flanged DIN PN-16/40.

Made in Carbon Steel.

Data Sheet TF-YS-CS-F

Filtro Y Vapor 2.png

ValveSeal Y-Strainer for Steam

TF-YS-CI-F. PN-16. Flanged DIN PN-16.

Made in Cast Iron GJL-250.


SS Flanged Y Strainer PN16

ValveSeal Y-Strainer

TF-YS-SS-F. PN-16. Flanged DIN PN-10/16.

Made in Stainless Steel 316.

Data Sheet TF-YS-SS-F


ValveSeal Y-Strainer

TF-YS-CS150-F. ANSI-150. Flanged ANSI150# RF.

Made in Carbon Steel WCB.

Data Sheet TF-YS-CS150-F


ValveSeal Y-Strainer

TF-YS-CS300-TF ANSI300@. Flanged Ends ANSI300#.

Made in Carbon Steel WCB.

Data Sheet TF-YS-CS300-F

Filtro Y Acero roscado

ValveSeal Y-Strainer

TF-YS-CS-T. PN-16. Screwed Ends BSP/NPT & Weld Ends SW. 

Made in C.Steel.

Data Sheet TF-YS-CS-T

Filtro Y Inox Rosca

ValveSeal Y-Strainer

TF-YS-SS-T. PN-16. Screwed Ends.

Made in Stainless Steel 316.

Data Sheet TF-YS-SS-T