Welcome to VALVESEAL


VALVESEAL was born from the experience of a team of professionals with over 25 years in the Valve Fluid Handling and Sealing Service Solutions sector.

Oriented to give integral solutions in the control and handling of fluids in specific areas such as the World of Water, fire-fighting installations, HVAC and industry.

We have a whole range of Instrumentation, Manometers, Thermometers and Levels.

We offer a customised service of cutting soft gaskets to plan and custom manufacturing of spiral wound gaskets.

We have material in stock in our Distribution Center in Madrid to give a fast service to the MRO plant maintenance.

Automation service for all our valves, both electric 1-phase and 3-phase as well as double acting and spring return pneumatic actuation.

VALVESEAL is a distributor of the TECFLOW brand.

TECFLOW manufactures valves for the Water sector and has a wide range of valves and accessories to provide solutions for all types of water installations, whether they are DWTP, Wastewater Drainage, Piping or Desalination Plants. It also has a range of products with FM/UL approval for fire-fighting installations and valves for air-conditioning and industry.


Since 2016 VALVESEAL distributes TOSACA safety valves NUOVA FIRMA instrumentation, material of the highest performance to meet the demand in several industrial sectors.

Cutting Work Shop

VALVESEAL, has a cutting service for all types of soft joints with water jet cutting machines and plotter.

In our facilities in Sant Qirze del Vallés we have a stock of standardized gaskets PN-10, PN-16, PN-40, ANSI 150 Lbs.

ANSI 300 Lbs. in compressed fiber material for drinking water services with WRAS approval, for gas with DIN DVGW approval and graphite gaskets with perforated stainless steel plate insert for HIGH TEMPERATURE, STEAM and THERMAL OIL services.

On demand our V-FLON Teflon, Virgin PTFE, Expanded and Modified Teflon for the most demanding service conditions.

VALVESEAL is an authorized distributor of the brands NUOVA FIMA (Instrumentation) and TOSACA (Safety Valves).

Industrial Products

VALVESEAL offers a range of solutions in industry such as the automation of all its valves.



With Tecflow pneumatic actuators in double and spring return, ATEX certified.


With actuators for 3-phase and 1-phase motors.


Pneumatic and electropneumatic.


With mechanical and inductive limit switch boxes

Solenoid valves

Namur type with ATEX certification.

Assembly of extensions

To valves, heating chambers and ball valves for reactor bottoms.